Ozone kitchen & furniture fittings go well with ethnic style wooden as well as modern material-glass or aluminium and deliver a stylish, durable yet classy Bathroom...

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  1. Ozone OSH-1

    Ozone OSH-1

    Regular Price: Rs3,490.00

    Special Price Rs2,792.00

    Wall to Glass Hinge Learn More
  2. OZone OGH-TB 1

    OZone OGH-TB 1

    Regular Price: Rs2,140.00

    Special Price Rs1,712.00

    Towel Bar with Handle Learn More
  3. Ozone OGC-5

    Ozone OGC-5

    Regular Price: Rs650.00

    Special Price Rs488.00

    Glass to Glass
    Connector 180° Learn More
  4. Ozone OGC-4

    Ozone OGC-4

    Regular Price: Rs615.00

    Special Price Rs461.00

    Wall to Glass
    Connector 90° Learn More
  5. Ozone OGC-3

    Ozone OGC-3

    Regular Price: Rs670.00

    Special Price Rs503.00

    Glass to Glass
    Connector 90˚ Learn More
  6. Ozone OGC-2

    Ozone OGC-2

    Regular Price: Rs650.00

    Special Price Rs520.00

    Glass to Glass
    Connector 135˚ Learn More
  7. Ozone OGC-1

    Ozone OGC-1

    Regular Price: Rs435.00

    Special Price Rs326.00

    Wall to Glass Connector Learn More
  8. Ozone OSSH-11-ED

    Ozone OSSH-11-ED

    Regular Price: Rs2,350.00

    Special Price Rs1,763.00

    Wall to GlassHinges

    Wall to Glass Hinge

    Centrally positioned pivot lineCan be used for double action doors alsoSecure holding with glassWith gaskets to prevent glass damageGlass thickness 8mm / 10mmFinish: SN Learn More
  9. Ozone OSH-7

    Ozone OSH-7

    Regular Price: Rs3,420.00

    Special Price Rs2,736.00

    Pivot Hinge for Holding
    Glass From Floor/Ceiling Learn More
  10. Ozone OSH-5

    Ozone OSH-5

    Regular Price: Rs3,380.00

    Special Price Rs2,704.00

    Wall to Glass Bracket
    (for fixed Glass) Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 14 total

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